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EIPC Workshop on 'Metallization & Surface Finishes' 
Date: May 11 2016
Place: MacDermid Enthone, 98 Golden Hillock Road, B11 2PN Birmingham, UK
Language: English
The world of Printed Circuit Boards is populated by all types of people from all kinds of backgrounds. We come from disciplines as diverse as mechanical, chemical, electrical or process engineering. Perhaps we studied design, business, physics, philosophy or history. Whether by choice or by chance we, as members of the EIPC are involved in a world of lines and spaces, pads and holes, annular rings, solder mask alignment, multilayer registration, surface finish solderability, z-axis CTE etc, etc, etc.
In each area of producing PCBs we can design better circuits by understanding the basic principles that underlie the technology. In this Workshop we will explore the art, science and industrial processes of applying insulation coatings or metal to the surfaces of panels, pads and holes. In addition we will explore the possibilities for miniaturization that some of these technologies enable. The technology involves many disciplines (just as the industry is populated with so many people from diverse backgrounds) from proper surface preparation methods, novel methods of handling panels, chemistry, physics, process repeatability and security and quality monitoring (to name a few). 
Originally, the Workshop was organized together with Hofstetter because we know of no other company so capable in so many processes of applying diverse metals to panels, pads and holes. The original Workshop was held in Switzerland and was repeated in Berlin at the Fraunhofer Institute (both in the German language). We wish to repeat the content for and in the UK in English. For this workshop MacDermid Enthone will be the host. A tour at their facilities will also be part of the programme. We have assembled a group of experts from the PCB industry and the supplier community who can greatly increase your understanding of the possibilities of designing and producing better circuits. We hope you will find the program enlightening and useful for your understanding of the technology and what the technology can do for you.
Workshop Programme
You can download the detailed programme by clicking here.    

Registration fees:
EIPC / ICT members: € 100.-
Non members: € 125.-
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For more information please contact the EIPC office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +31-43-3440872.    
We look forward to welcoming you in Birmingham!
Miet freundlinchen Grüssen,
Das EIPC Team
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