It is with great sadness we announce the death of Gordon Arkley after a long battle.

Gordon co-founded Faraday Circuits in 1987 and was both an Industry stalwart and staunch supporter of the ICT as well as friend and colleague.

I attended Gordon’s funeral at Minsteracres, in Consett and the eulogy said it all. Gordon was a good businessman and colleague, an ‘irritatingly’ good shot, who seldom missed anything in his airspace, a convivial neighbour and great company on a night out.

Gordon was born in Whitburn, County Durham and attended Robert Richardson Grammar. He came through the City and Guilds route and spent some time as a designer before starting up Faraday Circuits, growing the company and developing a strong management team to enable the supply of high quality circuit boards to the global electronics Industry

A visit to see Gordon was likely to be anything but ordinary, with a water buffalo’s head trophy on his office wall, one gundog under the desk and another at home having pups.

Gordon and I played snooker one night twenty years ago following a corporate whisky tasting and somehow, a laminator awaiting delivery became the subject of the game’s outcome. I’ve no idea how I could have explained it away if Gordon had won.

I think he let me win, but we’ll never know

Our condolences go to Gordons' family

Bill Wilkie

16th February 2016