John Brian Walker, FInstCT, 1928 - 2016

The Institute of Circuit Technology has lost one of its longest-standing and hardest-working officers. We are sad to record the passing of our Honorary Secretary John Walker at the age of 88. Only a couple of weeks before his death, John made the effort to attend the Council meeting of the Institute, contributing to the proceedings in his customary forthright manner, then took his place as Hon. Sec. at the Annual General Meeting, where with great authority he ensured that the business was enacted in proper accordance with the Constitution, gave his report and recorded and published the minutes.

John was an elder statesman of the printed circuit industry, his contribution extending over 50 years, joining the newly established Photo Printed Circuits Ltd, in Bisley as early as 1954, and later becoming general manager at printed circuit manufacturer Palmer Aero Products in Blackwater. In 1971, John joined Nevin Electric in Colnbrook as Sales Director, and remained there until the company was sold in 1987.

John became a Member of the Institute of Circuit Technology shortly after its foundation in 1974, with membership number 24. His contribution was recognised and he was soon elected a Fellow and eventually became an Honorary Fellow. John was appointed Chairman of the Institute in 1990 and served in that position for two years, after which he accepted the office of Honorary Secretary and worked tirelessly in that position for the rest of his life.

John was a proud member of the ICT team that was instrumental in organising the first Printed Circuit World Convention, held at the Café Royal in London in 1978 and attended by over 1000 delegates. That and subsequent PCWC events were fundamental in sharing and disseminating technical information throughout the world industry.

He remained dedicated and devoted to furthering the aims and objectives of the Institute, and was respected by fellow Council members as the uncompromising defender of the Institute’s independence and financial security. We will miss John Walker. We did not always agree with his views, but always respected his commitment to his interpretation of our responsibilities and priorities. And his enormous contribution to our industry and our Institute will not be forgotten.

Pete Starkey

ICT Council