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Bob Willis currently operates a training and consultancy business based in England . Bob is the Technical Director of the SMART Group. Although a specialist for companies implementing Surface Mount Technology Mr Willis provides training and consultancy in most areas of electronic manufacture. He has worked with the GEC Technical Directorate as Surface Mount Co-Ordinator for both the Marconi and GEC group of companies and prior to that he was Senior Process Control Engineer with Marconi Communication Systems, where he had worked since his apprenticeship. Following his time with GEC he became Technical Director of an electronics contract manufacturing company where he formed a successful training and consultancy division.
Over the past few years Mr. Willis has travelled in the United States , Japan , China , Australia and the Far East looking at areas of electronics and lecturing on electronic assembly. Mr. Willis was presented with the Paul Eisler award by the IMF ( Institute of Metal Finishing ) for the best technical paper during their technical programme's. He has conducted SMT Training programs for Texas Instruments and is currently course leader for Speedline Reflow and Wave Soldering Workshops in the United Kingdom . Mr Willis is an IEE Registered Trainer and has been responsible for all training courses run by the PCIF one of Europe 's largest printed circuit associations.
Bob has conducted workshops with all the major organisations and exhibition organisers World Wide and is known for being an entertaining presenter and the only presenter to use unique process video clips during his workshops to demonstrate each point made.
Mr. Willis was Chairman of the SMART Group, European Surface Mount Trade Association from 1990-94 and has been elected Honorary President and currently holds the position of SMART Group Technical Director, he also works on BSI Standards Working Parties. He is a Fellow of the Institute Circuit Technology, an NVQ Assessor, Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance and Society of Environmental Test Engineers. Bob Willis currently writes regular features for AMT Ireland, Asian Electronics Engineer and Circuits Assembly the US magazine. He also is responsible for writing each of the SMART Group Charity Technology reports, which are sold in Europe and America by the SMTA to raise money for worthy causes. Bob Willis most recently helped organise the SMART Group-Lead Free Mission to Japan to examine and report on the current state of lead-free research and implementation of lead-free processes. Bob is currently running the SMART Group PPM Monitoring Project in the United Kingdom supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.