Francesca Stern


Francesca Stern is an independent business consultant working with companies and organisations in the electronics supply chain.

She started her career as a materials engineer at ITT moving on to STC to develop processes for making high frequency quartz crystals and then CMAC. This was followed by four years in the US during which some experience was acquired in the field of US patents.

As a consultant at BPA from 2000-2014, she contributed to the research, strategic analysis, data acquisition and forecast generation for a wide variety of topics encompassing the electronics and particularly the PCB industry e.g. flexible and rigid-flex circuits, high speed systems and substrates, thick copper, thin copper, HDI, advanced semiconductor packaging, opto-PCBs and optoelectronic packaging plus a myriad of others.

At the end of March 2014, Francesca left BPA to set up her own business, FSC (Francesca Stern Consulting). A graduate of Imperial College, Francesca has degrees in Chemistry and Science of Materials.