ICT Sponsor Information


ICT Sponsor Stevenage Circuits specialises in fast turnaround manufacture of PCBs, ranging from simple PTH to complex multilayer, flexible and flex rigid PCB technologies.

Although we normally manufacture PCBs directly from customers' designs (CAD data), we can also offer a sub-contracted service to convert circuit diagrams into CAD data (e.g. Gerber or ODB++). We can also arrange for assembly of the PCBs if necessary. Our objective is to offer a choice to the customer and alleviate any constraints by offering engineering solutions.

The following are examples of our commitment to choice:

  • Materials - High Tg FR4, BT Epoxy, PTFE alternatives, Polyimide, Kapton (flexi circuit)
  • Controlled Impedance - examples are: Single Ended, Differential, Broadside.
  • Flexible circuits - Multilayer Flexible and Rigid Flex PCB constructions.
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) - Microvias (conventional and laser drilled), fine features and sequential bonding.

For further information please visit the Stevenage Circuits web site.