Welcome to The Institute of Circuit Technology
Andy Cobley - ICT Chairman

AndyCobleyI'm very proud to have been given the opportunity to become Chairman of the ICT.

I take over the Chairmanship with the Institute in very good health: membership is at an all-time high whilst the evening seminars and annual symposium are strongly supported and the Foundation Course is well-attended. Thanks to Bruce Routledge the ICT journal is now well established and the website designed and maintained by Richard Wood-Roe is first class. The current strength of the ICT is in no small measure down to the hard work of Bill Wilkie and the outgoing Chairman Martin Goosey whilst our Treasurer Chris Wall has skilfully navigated us through some tricky financial waters over the last few years. It will certainly be one of my ambitions to ensure that the ICT remains in this very healthy state.

Martin Goosey has been very keen to encourage the ICT to participate in research projects and this is something I will continue to support. I think it is essential that for the UK PCB industry to survive we must continue to innovate, invest in research and keep abreast of all the current research that is relevant to our industry. There is funding out there via the EU (Horizon 2020), Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Programme (to name but a few).

Although I spent 20 years in the PCB industry I'm now a full time academic and so I'm very pleased that I have Steve Payne as Vice Chairman who will ensure that the industry has a prominent voice. I'm also very lucky to have the advice of John Walker (Secretary) to fall back on and a very experienced and supportive council (Pete Starkey, Francesca Stern, Lawson Lightfoot, Maurice Hubert and Bob Willis).

As ever I would ask that you give the Institute plenty of feedback on how we are representing you. What are your concerns and issues and is there anything the Institute can do to help you with these?

I look forward to working with all our members and the ICT council over the next year to ensure the ICT goes from strength to strength.

Andy Cobley