Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing


Enrolment at Invotec, Tamworth

Jason Barnett and Nick Hughes (of Spirit Circuits) started off the first day by

enrolling at the Invotec facility at Tamworth, where we were greeted by Bill

Wilkie, Technical Director of the ICT (Institute of Circuit Technology) and Steve

Kerr of the Ivotec Group who talked us through the basic manufacturing sequence.

This was followed by a presentation by Mike Osmond from Intrasys Design on

Design for Manufacture of PCB’s (DfM), and then onto a talk by Neil Chilton of

Printed Electronics on Digital Manufacturing finally finishing up with a Facility

Tour of the Factory.

Once the factory tour had ended we moved onto Loughborough University Halls of

residence where we met up with other delegates from various companies such as

Invotec, Zot, Electra, Faraday and Plextek and where we enjoyed a get-together

dinner and washed it down with a couple of lemon and orange cordials.

Presenter Steve Kerr

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

Day 2

Feeling refreshed from the last nights get together meal we sat down to our first

lecture of the day about Manufacture of PCB and Multi-Layer Laminates by Geoff

Layhe of Lamar Group,

The next lecture was on Programming, Drilling and Routing by Gavin Barclay of

ACS Ltd, followed by Photographic Processess by John Dingley of AGFA PCB


After Lunch we started with Etching and Pre-treatment Processess by Tom Parker

of Eternal Technology Corporation followed by Photomechanical Processes by

John Rankine of Eternal Technology CorporationAnd Through Hole Plating and

Multilayer Desmear by Steve Hirst of Chestech Ltd, which completed day 2 and

the first full day of lectures

Day 3

Presenter Tom Parker

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

The starting lecture was Soldermask Application Processes and was passionaltely

presented by Grant Bradley of Electra Polymers Ltd followed by Surface

Preparation and Adhesion Promoters and Alternative Surface Finishes, both

presented by Nigel White of Atotech.

Afternoon session

Environment Considerations and Assembly Fusing and Soldering by Professor M

Goosey of Loughborough University, followed by the Presentation of our

Certificates by ICT Chairman Professor Martin Goosey. Day 3 was completed by

Principles of Plating Copper and Tin Lead by DR Andy Cobley of Coventry


Day 4

Presenter Grant Bradley

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

Day 4 started off by having a talk on Automatic Optical Inspection by Andrew

Norton of Peplertech followed by IECQ using IPC Standards and Embedded

Devices by Dennis Price of Merlin Circuit Technology. This concluded the formal

part of the proceedings and was followed by the course overview and any

questions – we also handed in our feed-back sheets before saying our goodbyes.

Good points

· Well organised and friendly people.

· Content of lectures were very good and detailed

· Most lectures were well presented

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

· You come away with good ideas that you can try in your own factory

· You can network with other people from the same industry about any

problems or issues that you may have and come up with solutions to those


Bad points

· Too much food, for example, large fried breakfast in the morning, roast

dinner at lunch time and then a large meal like a curry in the evening, it got

to much for me on the third day and my meal ended up on the floor

My Curry slips off the tray!

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

Lemonade Shandy makes you walk funny

· No television in room

· The University Grounds are so enormous you get lost and everything looks

the same


I fully recommend this foundation course to Spirit employees in the future, but I

recommend that you must have some prior knowledge of PCB manufacturing

before hand, because it does go into an awful lot of detail at times.

Not only do you receive an attendance certificate for doing this course but you also

become an associated member of the INSTITUTE OF CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY

which is presented to you by the ICT Chairman, Professor Martin Goosey

Foundation Course for PCB Design and Manufacturing

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