Automation & the Journey to your Smart Factory

The ICT held a a series of on-line engineering sessions featuring Happy Holden. They were based on his book "Essential Skills for Engineers" This series of presentations is available now and is free to members and guests. Just register your email below to take you to the link page of the stored webinars.

Happy Holden is a retired electronics manufacturing technologist of international repute, He is a contributing Technical Editor to I-Connect007 and Hon Fellow of the ICT

There are eight on-line sessions of 60 minutes. The following webinars are available and can be accessed individually or part of a complete training course.


a. Introduction and elements of the Journey!  Getting started - The hardest step
b. Skills - 1 Total Quality Control, Six Sigma, and Statistical Tools, Problem Solving, Design of Experiments \ Predictive Analysis
c. Skills - 2 Benchmarking, Product and Process Life Cycles, Engineering Economics, Roadmapping 
d. Defining Automation & Automation Methodology Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Automation Strategy and Planning, Process Workstation Analysis
e. The Smart Factory Networks and Communications, Factory Communication Standards, Digitisation for the Smart Factory, 
f. Sensors & chemical analysis Application of Sensors, Automated Analysis, Chemical Control and Regeneration
g. Skills - 3 Figure of Merit / Shared Vision, Metrics and Dimensional Analysis, Lean Manufacturing


Quality Functional Deployment and House of Quality, Predictive Engineering, On-Line Instruction and Distance Learning
i. Software Driven Automation As part of the ICT Engineering Training sessions, we continued the theme with a webinar from Michael Ford of Aegis - Software Driven Automation with an introduction by Pete Starkey


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