Journal Papers

William Yung Ling Lim et al 

 Title  Author Journal  Date
Influence of Substrate on Microvia Structures in Printed Circuit Boards During Reflow. Yokohama National University, Japan.  Syed Mujahid Abbas et al. Vol 17 No 2 Apr 24
Recent Developments in Advanced Polymeric Materials for Solder Mask Application. Vietnam National University, Hanoi. William Yung Ling Lim et al.  Vol 17 No 2 Apr 24
5G is Setting Stage for 6G.  Isola Asia Pacific (Taiwan) Inc. Fandy Wei  Vol 17 No 2 Apr 24
Picosecond Laser Microvia Drilling of ABF Material Using MHz Burst Mode.
Applied Laser and Photonics Group and Schmoll Maschinen,
Daniel Franz
et al.
Vol 17 No 1  Jan 24
Development of Low Loss Adhesive Film for Multilayer PTFE Substrate.
Resonac Group, Japan.
Yusuke Watase
et al.
Vol 17 No1  Jan 24
Lessons Learned While Investigating Microvia Reliability Failures Tobias Bernhard et al.  Vol 17 No 1  Jan 24
Study on Wet Chemical Etching of Flexible Printed Circuit Board with 16‑μm Line Pitch,  Hui Li, Wuhan University.  Vol 16 No 4  Oct 23
Digital and Environmental Circuit Board Manufacturing Based on Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition Michael Zenou, ioTech Group Ltd Vol 16 No 4 Oct 23
Understanding Electroless Nickel Thickness in ENIG and ENEPIG Robert Weber, Fischer Technology Inc. Vol 16 No 4 Oct 23
Reassessing Surface Finish Performance for Next Generation Technology - Part 1. MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Frank Xu Vol 16 No 3 Jul 23
Photoresist Adhesion Promoter for HDI-PCB Fabrication. Atotech Deutschland GmbH Christopher Seidemann Vol 16 No 3 Jul 23
The Challenges in Selective Soldering and Meeting Training Needs. Pillarhouse International Ltd Sam McMaster Vol 16 No 3 Jul 23
Practical Aspects of Selective Etching for High Density Interconnect Don Ball Vol 16 No 2 Apr 23
Thermal Management in High Performance RF and Microwave PCB's John Priday Vol 16 No 2 Apr 23
Two-Layer Solder Resist Film for High Reliability  Ying Hsuan Chou Vol 16 No 2 Apr 23
Treatment of Polymeric Films Used for Printed Electronic Circuits Using Non-Thermal Plasma  Radu Burlica Vol 16 No 2 Apr 23
IPC Warning about Microvia Reliability for High Performance Products Happy Holden Vol 16 No1 Jan 23
Process Improvement Strategies for Weak Microvia Interfaces William Bowerman Vol 16 No1 Jan 23
Ultra Thin Base Materials Take PCB Manufacturing to the Next Level Daniel Schulze  Vol 16 No1 Jan 23
Computer Aided Engineering Simulation for Production Proofing PCB Copper Plating Robrecht Brelis Vol 16 No1 Jan 23
Synthetic Graphite: A New Solution for PC Board Thermal Management John Priday Vol 15 No 3 Oct 22
Selective Soldering: A need for Innovation and Development Samuel McMaster Vol 15 No 3  Oct 22 
Solder Joint Reliability in Light Emitting Diode Modules Martin Goosey Vol 15 No 3  Oct 22 
How Flexible Printed Circuit Technology is Enabling Cell-to-Pack EV Batteries  Philip Johnston  Vol 15 No 2  Jun 22
Thin High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel for 5G   Matt Sylvestre  Vol 15 No 2  Jun 22
Knowledge Exchange - Coventry University Industry Partnership  Helen Lau  Vol 15 No 2  Jun 22
The Power Mesh Architecture for PCBs Happy Holden Vol 15 No 1 Mar 22
Microvia Process Guidelines Stan Heltzel Vol 15 No 1 Mar 22
UL Solder Limits – The Latest Update on What the Future Holds Emma Hudson Vol 14 No 3 Oct 21
PCB Solderability Assessment - During and Pre-Production Bob Willis Vol 14 No 3 Oct 21
New PCB Material for Demanding High Temperature and High Voltage Requirements of the Rapidly Growing Automotive EV Market Anna Graf and Michael J Gay Vol 14 No 2 Aug 21
Choosing the Right Materials is Tougher Than Ever Mark Goodwin  Vol 14 No 2 Aug 21
Ultra Low Profile Copper for Very Low Loss Material Thomas Devahif Vol 14 No 2 Aug 21
5G Driving High-Performance Material Demand Alun Morgan Vol 14 No 1 Mar 21
5G+ Readiness and Challenges Stig Källman Vol 14 No 1 Mar 21
iNEMI Projects and Initiatives
Address 5G/mmWave Challenges
Urmi Ray and Steve Payne Vol 14 No 1 Mar 21
3D Printing of Electronic Systems for Real World Applications Robert Kay and Matthew Shuttleworth Vol 14 No 1 Mar 21
A Second Life for Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries Martin Goosey Vol 13 No 3 Dec 20
A Market Research Project in Industrial Applications for a University Developed Technology - SMMF Sofya Danilova Vol 13 No 3 Dec 20
Inkjet Printing of Polyacrylic Acid-Coated Silver Nanoparticle Ink onto Paper with Sub-100 Micron Pixel Size Mavuri, Mayes and Alexander Vol 13 No 3 Dec 20
Selective Metalisation Using a Magnetic Field Technology  Sofya Danilova Vol 13 No 3 Dec 20
Shrinking Medical Labs onto Printed Circuit Boards for Disease Management Despina Moschou Vol 13 No 2 Sep 20
Fully Biocompatible Epoxy Acrylate Dry Film for MEMS, Lab-on-chip, Microfluidic and Medical Devices Giorgio Favini Vol 13 No 2 Sep 20
Development and processing of an ink jettable soldermask and advantages of use in PCB manufacture Chris Wall Vol 13 No 1 Mar 20
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